Booster Solutions

The solution to dropped calls and slow data speeds

Cell phone signal boosters overcome the problem of dropped calls, limited range and slow data rates for cell phones and data cards by amplifying weak cellular signals. Improving signal strength will also vastly improve battery charge times on your phone.

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Signal boosters are able to pick up weak cellular signals from a cell tower and transmit them to your cellular device, and then re-transmit a more powerful signal back to the tower.

We carry products like weBoost (formerly Wilson Electronics) that are available as easy to use plug-and-play kits for home, office or vehicles, or we can custom configure your own cellular repeater system for your unique application by choosing specific boosters and antennas. It is important to use the proper booster for the area that you are located in. Starview has software to access current tower information and locations that indicate the frequencies that are being broadcast in a specific area. This allows us to match the proper booster for your specific location. Our boosters will also work on all of the Canadian carrier’s frequencies.

Our technicians can work with you to structure the best product for your application to provide the best possible signal boost capabilities, while preventing oscillation (feedback), power overloads and protecting cell towers.

  • Mobile cell phone signal boosters are great for cars.
  • On the water, camping, or driving, mobile cell phone signal boosters keep you connected.
  • Extend coverage with cell phone boosters.
  • Increase battery life – cell phones use less power when the signal is stronger.

In Vehicle Booster Solutions

We carry various in vehicle boosters, either wireless or direct connect, to get you talking no matter where you are. There are endless options in regards to antennas, cradles and mounting brackets.

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In Building Booster Solutions

Starview Communications carries a complete line of in building boosters – to suit the smallest home or RV trailer, to large shops and commercial buildings! Our technicians can install cellular signal boosters, with high gain antenna’s if necessary, and a broadcast system of interior antennas to ensure all the cell phones in your home, office, or shop have the best service possible.

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Installation Overview

Installing most Signal Booster Kit systems is fairly straightforward, but will require running cable from the roof or elevated location into the building, as well as potentially drilling and screwing in components.

If you feel comfortable with this level of installation, then feel free to try installing on your own, otherwise you may want to consider hiring one of our technicians to assist in the installation.

Additionally, before you begin, we recommend that you start with a soft installation, where you don’t permanently mount components, drill holes or finalize cable runs until you’re sure that the system is performing to the level that you would like. Once you’ve tested out antenna and component locations, and are satisfied with the results, then you can go ahead and permanently install everything. Finally, read through the entire set of installation instructions in the included manuals and online help before beginning.

Step 1

Start the installation from the roof and work your way into the house. First, start by determining the part of the roof that receives the best signal, as you’ll want to locate the directional antenna there and ideally aim it away from the house (and not back over the roof). Once you’ve identified the portion of the roof which is best, locate the vertical pole which you’ll be mounting the yagi directional antenna as high up on the roof as possible. Attach the directional antenna and temporarily aim it away from the house. Run the 75 ft. cable from the antenna into the attic of the house, if possible through a vent or soffit, but you may need to drill a hole at this step.

Step 2

Once the cable is inside the house, we recommend running the cables and locating the inside antenna in the attic of the house (If this is not possible, please call us to discuss other installation locations). The amplifier can either be located in the attic if there is an area with AC power, or down in the living space for easier access. To start run the cable to the area where you plan to locate the amplifier. If you’ve purchased a lighting surge protector, attach that now, and then connect the 2ft cable to the “Outside Antenna” port of the amplifier. Otherwise directly connect the outside cable to the “Outside Antenna” port. Connect the 60 ft cable to the “Inside Port” on the other side of the amplifier, and run it to the center of the attic. Connect the panel antenna and lay it face down on the floor of the attic.

Step 3

Once all of the components are connected, power on the amplifier by plugging it in. As it’s powering up, you should see the lights flashing, and then check to see that they turn solid green. If the lights are not solid green, check out the portion of the owner’s manual that discusses the indicator lights to find out what they mean. Of, you can always contact us for help.

Step 4

Directional antennas must be aimed for best results. When aiming and when mounting the antenna, make sure that it is parallel with the ground, do not aim it up at the sky or down at the ground. Start with the antenna high on the roof pointed in one direction. Turn on the system and have a person inside stand 10 ft in front of the inside antenna and take a signal reading with their phone in field test mode. Rotate the outside antenna 45 degrees (1/8th of the way around) and then pause for 60 seconds. After the pause, the person inside should take another signal reading from exactly the same spot, and then you can repeat the process. After you’ve gone all the way around, mount the antenna facing in the direction with the strongest signal (decibel signal reading will be closest to 0). If possible, also mount the antenna on that side of the home or office so that it’s pointing away from the building and not over the building. The included manuals are very helpful and we recommend reading through it before beginning the installation.

Helpful installation video: